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The Levi Dover Sextet, led by bassist and composer Levi Dover, was formed in 2019 out of a desire to create music which brings together a wide range of influences in a highly personal style. Levi Dover’s music is rooted in the jazz tradition while also reaching into a modern soundscape, incorporating elements from 20th century classical music and progressive rock, creating an environment brimming with possibilities for expression. Lush textures and an impressionistic landscape set the tone for explorations which extend beyond the compositions, bringing the art of improvisation into focus. 


The group brings together some of the most creative musicians from Canada, the United States, and New Zealand - Lex French on trumpet, Erik Hove on the alto saxophone, Olivier Salazar on vibraphone, Andrew Boudreau on piano and Kyle Hutchins on drums. The six musicians, with their diverse musical personalities, join together to bring to life music which is full of subtlety and nuance, unveiling a rich and unique universe.

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Lex French・Trumpet

Erik Hove・Alto Saxophone

Olivier Salazar・Vibraphone

Andrew Boudreau・Piano

Kyle Hutchins・Drums

Levi Dover・Bass + Compositions

Recorded and mixed by Jon Kaspy

April 2021 at Studio PM, Montreal QC

Mastered by Richard Addison

at Trillium Sound

© & ℗ 2021 Three Pines Records



Levi Dover Sextet - In Hindsight
Levi Dover Sextet - In Hindsight

Levi Dover Sextet - In Hindsight

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Levi Dover Sextet - Imaginary Structures (Live @ The Crescent)

Levi Dover Sextet - Imaginary Structures (Live @ The Crescent)

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Imaginary Structures - Album Teaser

Imaginary Structures - Album Teaser

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"The music has substance and direction… An interesting album to be sure, as well as a different approach to modern jazz while still leaning a bit on the past."

Lynn René Bayley – The Art Music Lounge

"Eight original compositions provide freedom for the members of the sextet to improvise and explore the landscapes Dover has created. Where a standard quintet features two horns, piano, bass and drums, the magical sixth element here is Olivier Salazar’s shimmering vibraphone."

David Reed – Belleville Intelligencer

"A tasty debut as a leader, he's an MVP in Canada now but you know his stage is going to be getting bigger soon. Well done."

Chris Spector – Midwest Record

(Translated from Danish) "A debut that bodes well for the future... The landscape has arisen out of the ambition to construct a story / a collage of music on the basis of emotions, dreams, memories and expectations. I would think that the goal has been reached, because Levi Dover and his conspirators seem familiar with each other and the ambition, which is why the album as such also seems coherent and rigorous."

Ivan Rod

(Translated from Japanese) "...an ambitious debut composed entirely of original songs... Progressive rock and contemporary music are blended with the new mainstream of Blue Note, and a new Canadian contemporary jazz is born. "

Takehiko Tokiwa - JazzLife Magazine

"Dover mixes post-bop, classical and progressive ideas here, where his strong attention to detail and superb execution make for a thriving first album. "

Tom Haugen - Take Effect

"This is a sound set which boasts thought-provoking, highly personal compositions by the leader, and the musicianship from the group of award-winning players is of an impeccable standard... devotees of luxurious innovation and improvisation will enjoy the music and dig the concept. "

Jeremy Isaac - Jazz Journal

"In his debut as a leader, Montreal bassist Levi Dover has concocted something refreshingly original while also remaining true to his post-bop influences... Imaginary Structures is beautiful, and Dover establishes himself as an artistic force throughout eight masterful ensemble performances. "

Yoshi Maclear Wall - The Whole Note



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